The History of Glyntawe Outdoor Centre

Glyntawe School

The original single storey building was built in 1899 on a donated plot of land. It provided children of the local area with their first taste of education, opening on the 1st November 1899 as a primary school. It was closed as a school in the 1970s.

In the early 1980’s, Dulwich College, one of the great public schools in the UK, bought the vacant building to use as a field centre for geography and biology studies. Since then the building has undergone two major extensions as well as a conversion in 2013 of the old toilet blocks into a brand new drying room. The centre’s use has developed over the years as well, incorporating adventurous activities into the trips made by students and opening the centre, and all it offers, to external groups who wish to stay. 

In keeping with a long history of supporting education and the community, Dulwich College is keen to make Glyntawe Outdoor Centre available to others, so that they may enjoy its excellent facilities in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

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