Enter a strange and inspiring subterranean playground with this great introduction to the magical world of caving.

Through cracks in the limestone beneath your feet, water has carved its way underground and over millions of years created the perfect environment for adventure. Climb over boulders, crawl through tunnels and stand back in awe at the vast caverns lined with elegant formations.

Our highly qualified instructors are passionate about their sport and will give you valuable insight into how our landscapes are formed. Learn about geology and discover fossils of creatures that were alive before the dinosaurs walked the Earth.

As you explore a labyrinth of underground passages, will you take on the challenge to squeeze through the Letterbox, clamber along Death Ledge or experience the thrill of Lights Out Passage?

This activity can be combined with Climbing or Gorge Walking, to create an unforgettable activity day. If you would like to find out more information regarding caving in South Wales and what is involved please Contact Us.


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